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Preparing my child for his dental visit

At Centre Dentaire Anjou, we have a team of general dentists who practice children’s dentistry. Proud of our solid reputation and extensive experience in the care of children, we offer our patients preventive and restorative services, conscious sedation with nitrous oxide and general anesthesia if necessary. Our clinic is specially adapted for children and we ensure that your child has a pleasant experience.

The Quebec Order of Dentists recommends a first dental visit within 6 months after the eruption of a child’s first tooth or at one year of age. This first visit allows your child to become familiar with the environment of a dental clinic in a positive setting.

The following are suggestions to help make the first visit successful and pleasant :

  • Prepare your child a few days before the appointment by reading books about the dentist such as «Cailloux at the dentist» or «Pebbles at the dentist»
  • Demonstrate enthusiasm for visiting the dentist. Our experienced staff is well prepared to welcome your child.
  • Attempt to make an appointment early in the morning when children tend to be more cooperative and receptive to treatment.
  • Avoid using phrases such as, «it will not hurt». This will arouse suspicion in the child. We use state-of-the-art technology and techniques to minimize any possible discomfort. You can tell your child that the dentist will «count» his teeth and possibly brush them.
  • Explain the importance of going to the dentist. If you fear the dentist yourself, do not tell your child.
  • When you accompany your child for dental treatment, be a passive participant by allowing the dentist to interact and communicate directly with your child. It is possible that despite the above suggestions your child may not cooperate on his first dental visit. It is important to not become frustrated or show disappointment to your child. Subsequent appointments may very well be more successful.

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