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Periodontal Care at Centre Dentaire Anjou

Among the dental specialties practiced by the members of our dynamic team is periodontics. Our periodontists have followed specialized studies thanks to which they are able to treat diseases affecting the gums and the components of the periodontium. These tissues are essential for the support of teeth, it is important to take care of them and have them treated when they are affected by a disease. This is the role of the periodontist.

Here is some information prepared by the Centre Dentaire Anjou team, which will help you learn more about this dental specialization.

Denturologie du Centre Dentaire Anjou

the Periodontal specialty

What is the Periodontal specialty?

This is a specialty recognized by the Federation of Dental Specialists of Quebec which is interested in the components of what is called the periodontium: the gums, cementum, periodontal ligament and alveolar bone (the bone in which the teeth are implanted). These different tissues, which together have the function of securely holding the teeth in the jaws, are subject to various diseases (in particular gingivitis and periodontitis) and gum recession, for example. These must be treated in order to prevent the teeth's foundations from being compromised. There lies the main goal of the periodontal specialist: to ensure the health of the periodontium and therefore the general integrity of the mouth.

Why choose to seek the care of a Periodontist?

Diseases and conditions that affect the gums and other tissues of the periodontium can have serious consequences on oral health and even on the general health. They are the main cause of permanent tooth loss (adult teeth) and, according to many studies, they are linked to various health problems, including rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes and some coronary heart disease.

Gingivitis is a benign infection which can possibly evolve into periodontal disease, causing among other things the loosening of the teeth. These conditions require more precise care and are at the heart of the practice developed by periodontists.

Some Treatments Offered in Periodontics

  • Root planning:

    This is a deep cleaning of the roots and gums. During this minor surgical intervention, the dental specialist uses precision instruments to remove the plaque and deposits (tartar) that are found at the dental roots, under the gums.
  • Open surgery:

    In more severe cases, or when root planing has not been sufficient, the periodontist may perform open surgery on the gums. This allows them to better counter any bacteria and infection that may lodge there, while giving access to other periodontal tissues and bone, which sometimes need to be rebuilt.
  • Gum graft :

    This is a minor intervention to remedy the effects of gum recession like the loosening of the teeth. The dental specialist uses a graft (natural or synthetic) to restore thickness to the gum and / or to cover an abnormally exposed tooth root.
  • Support during an implant process:

    Periodontists are often called upon in providing implant placement in critical conditions. Their expertise is then put to use to ensure the success of the implant placement and therefore enables the dental implant restorations to be strengthened.

Periodontists near you!

If you have problems with your gums and / or periodontium, your general dentist can refer you to a periodontist. In addition to specialists in endodontics, orthodontics, oral and maxillofacial surgery and pediatric dentistry, the team at Centre Dentaire Anjou has a periodontist. You will be able to benefit from his or her expertise near you.

Please do not hesitate to consult us if you have any concerns. We will be able to support you throughout a process that will help you find a healthy smile!

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