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Our Dental Care for Children

At Centre Dentaire Anjou, we are very proud to provide our young patients with the qualifications of our general dentists as well as our pediatric dentists who are specialized in working with children. Whether for preventive purposes or for the management of an oral problem that affects your child's smile, you are always in good hands by choosing our team. Read on to find out how our professionals actively participate in maintaining healthy smiles for young people!

The Importance of Prevention From an Early Age

We recommend that parents bring their children to our clinic for their first visit within 6 months of the eruption of the first tooth, or at the maximum age of one year. This first visit is important to allow the child to familiarize themselves with the new environment that the clinic represents. These visits are an opportunity for our dentists to examine your child’s oral health in order to detect any problems and to treat them promptly. We can also offer the right preventive treatments.

Read on to find out how our professionals actively participate in maintaining healthy smiles for young people!

Cavities in Children: A Condition to Be Taken Seriously

It is important to know that cavities can affect children's teeth as soon as they start to pierce the gum tissue and erupt. Since primary teeth are less resistant to attacks from bacteria, children between the ages of 0 and 6 can suffer from a serious problem such as early childhood caries. This condition can progress and spread to several teeth if it is not caught early. In addition, untreated cavities in children can lead to serious infections and even interfere with the normal development of teeth. In short, even if a child's primary teeth are doomed to fall out to make way for adult teeth, they must be treated when they are affected by cavities in order to avoid complications.

Preventive Care for Children

We often recommend treatments for children to prevent cavities and various oral problems. Combined with regular dental check-ups with our dentists, this preventive care helps promote healthy smiles for toddlers as they grow older. In particular, we recommend the application of fluoride during routine examinations for children 14 years of age and under. Since fluoride is one of the natural components of teeth, applying it in the form of a varnish can strengthen tooth enamel and make it more resistant to bacteria that is responsible for the formation of cavities.

In some patients, we also recommend the application of dental sealants, which aim to fill dental pits and grooves found in the molars and premolars. These often accumulate food residues and bacteria, which is why cavities are commonly seen forming in them. By applying the sealants, a thin protective layer is added to the chewing surface to prevent cavities.

Our team will put your child at ease during their visits

Our general dentists for children as well as our pediatric dentists devote their entire practice to children. They are therefore used to working with young patients and know how to put them at ease. However, for children who are more fearful or for those who need more complex care, we offer free conscious sedation with nitrous oxide. This allows the children to be relaxed during their dental care and retain positive memories of their visits with us. To learn more about conscious sedation, check out this other article on our blog!

The entire pediatric department at Centre Dentaire Anjou cares about the oral health of your children. For care offered in a warm environment that will make your children comfortable, trust our team!

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