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Denturologist at Centre Dentaire Anjou

Denturologist at Anjou

In addition to many general dentists and specialists, our team also relies on the presence of a denturologist for the design of prostheses. You can trust our professionals!

The Denturologist: A Qualified Health Professional

The denturologist is a health professional who is dedicated to the design, manufacture and installation of various types of dental prostheses: traditional or some installed on dental implants. He or she is a technician with a CEGEP technique education.

Denturologist at Centre Dentaire Anjou

Denturologists in Quebec can work in denturology clinics or in dental clinics, as is the case at Centre Dentaire Anjou. Patients can therefore receive a full service, which begins with an assessment of their oral health and condition by the dentist. Afterwards, patients who have a greater number of teeth to replace can be referred to our denturologist. In certain cases, our specialists in oral and maxillofacial surgery, or our dental surgeons will have intervened beforehand for the installation of dental implants or for the extraction of non-restorable teeth. Dental implants subsequently serve as solid supports for a prosthesis.

At Centre Dentaire Anjou, the denturologist specializes in the design of partial or complete removable dentures.

The Role of the Denturologist

In light of the diagnosis and the information provided by the dentist, the denturologist carries out their own assessment of the patient's needs. Afterwards, a treatment plan is drawn up. This includes the type of prosthesis that is favored according to the number of teeth to be replaced, it takes into account the presence or absence of dental implants, as well as the patient's oral condition. Each step of the treatment plan is explained in depth.

Once the treatment plan has been accepted, the denturologist performs the necessary steps to design the personalized dental prosthesis. He or she is also responsible for the installation of the prosthesis and its adjustments. Thereafter, the necessary advice is provided to the patient to properly maintain their prosthesis. Follow-up appointments are also offered, in order to ensure that the prosthesis is still in good condition, that it is well fitted and that it continues to meet the patient's needs.

Steps for the design and installation of personalized dentures or prostheses

To benefit from a quality prosthesis that will restore all the functionality to your teeth, a few steps are necessary:

  • The complete examination of your mouth, carried out by the dentist, as well as the prostheses examination;

  • The development of the denturologic treatment plan;

  • Taking impressions of the jaws and teeth;

  • Advice on the choice of replacement teeth and the design of the prosthesis;

  • Trying on the dental prosthesis;

  • The installation, adjustments and follow-ups.

Thanks to our multidisciplinary team, we offer you complete care.

If you have teeth that are missing and you are looking for the most effective solution to replace them, consult our denturologist at Centre Dentaire Anjou. Our team will be able to offer you personalized treatment adapted to your needs.

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