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Extraction of Wisdom Teeth: Trust Our Maxillofacial Surgeons

Did your dentist recommend that you extract your wisdom teeth? If this is the case, schedule your appointment with one of our oral and maxillofacial surgeons without delay!

At Centre Dentaire Anjou, we combine the qualifications of our dental specialists with the use of advanced technologies to offer you comfort and trust before and during the extraction of your wisdom teeth.

Our team also offers you its best advice to promote a healthy and prompt recovery following the procedure.

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What are wisdom teeth and why are they often problematic?

Wisdom teeth are a third group of molars that grow deep in the jawbone at the ends of the dental arches. They are called such because they normally grow around the age of 17 to 21, when one is older and therefore “wiser”. In the past, wisdom teeth performed an important function within the mouth. Indeed, our hunter-gatherer diet (when humans had a nomadic lifestyle) consisted of meats and foods that were difficult to chew. This caused considerable wear and tear on our teeth and were exacerbated by the almost non-existent personal dental hygiene. The wisdom teeth were therefore replacing the other molars which, in many cases, wore out so much that they fell out.

Nowadays our lifestyle has changed dramatically, and we are able to maintain our teeth as we age. In addition, we have evolved and, in most of us, wisdom teeth do not have enough space to erupt normally in the back of the mouth. It is therefore common for them to partially erupt, or even to remain under the gum tissue.

The Risks of Complications Associated With Wisdom Teeth

Depending on how the wisdom teeth erupt, different problems are associated with them. It is to prevent these that we often recommend the extraction of wisdom teeth, even before the problems appear.

  • Teeth that erupt normally :

    In rare cases, wisdom teeth erupt normally. However, because of their positioning at the back of the mouth, they can be difficult to clean during self-oral hygiene routine. They can therefore be affected by pathologies such as tooth decay.
  • Semi-impacted teeth :

    these teeth partially erupt, that is, part of the tooth comes out of the gum, while the rest remains under it. Semi-impacted teeth represent a gateway for bacteria to the jaw. They can therefore be the cause of serious infections.
  • Impacted teeth :

    impacted teeth remain completely under the gum line. They often deviate from their normal eruption axis and can then put pressure on the roots of adjacent teeth. Impacted teeth can therefore damage other molars or cause the formation of a cyst or tumor in the jawbone.

When is the best time to extract wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth extraction is most common in young adults. The risk of complications associated with a patient’s wisdom teeth can be determined during a dental exam. Although they have not yet caused any problems in the mouth, they will be recommended to be removed if they are believed to be likely to do so in the future.

Late adolescence and early adulthood are the best times to have wisdom teeth removed. At this age, their roots are not fully formed, and they are weaker, which facilitates their extraction and limits the risk of damage to the dental nerve. In addition, young patients generally recover more easily after dental surgery.

At Centre Dentaire Anjou, we recommend that patients who need to have their wisdom teeth extracted do so during a favorable period, for example during the summer vacation. This leaves enough time for a smooth recovery from the procedure. If you need to have your wisdom teeth extracted, schedule an appointment now with one of our oral and maxillofacial surgeons.

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