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COVID-19 Measures

The Centre Dentaire Anjou team is dedicated to providing its patients with the safest environment. This is why, with the COVID-19 pandemic, we are implementing all the health measures recommended by the Ordre des Dentistes du Québec as well as by Public Health.

These measures are aimed primarily at protecting our patients by minimizing the risk of contagion during clinic appointments. Continue reading to learn about all of our measures, which are also intended to protect your dentist and the entire dental team.

Business hours

Monday : 7:30 to 20:30
Tuesday : 7:30 to 20:30
Wednesday : 7:30 to 20:30
Thursday : 7:30 to 18:30
Friday : 7:30 to 14:00
Saturday : 8:00 to 14:30

Excellent Quality of Treatments, as Always

The use of cutting-edge dental technologies and advanced techniques has always been part of our values ​​at Centre Dentaire Anjou. We are proud to be a well-established clinic in our community since over 50 years. For this reason, we can continue to offer you all the services we offered before the pandemic, following excellent safety measures.

Despite the current context, our team is happy to continue to offer you the same quality of treatment. While some clinics are still adapting their treatments and protocols, our team was able to react quickly.
Excellent Quality of Treatments,

We have geared ourselves with all the equipment and technologies necessary to ensure a safe environment, without affecting the quality of the care we offer.

Measures Implemented in the Clinic

Here are the measures we have put in place to ensure your safety and that of our team. We will continue to follow the recommendations of our professional order and public health authorities, as long as the pandemic remains a threat.

Making Appointments

To limit attendance at the clinic, access to the clinic will only be possible to people with appointments. When making or confirming your appointment, you will be asked questions related to COVID-19 to ensure that you are not at risk. These same questions will be asked a second time when you arrive at the clinic.

During Your Visit to the Clinic

To limit attendance at the clinic and to allow our team to disinfect the facilities between each person, additional time is provided between appointments. We ask that you wear a mask during your visit, which you can remove when you are in the treatment room. When you arrive at the clinic, please respect the floor markings for social distancing purposes. For the same purpose, seats in the waiting room have been designated for seating. We will take your temperature when you arrive, since fever is a symptom of COVID-19. We no longer accept companions, only people who have an appointment will be admitted to the clinic. However, exceptions apply to young children and patients with special needs.

During Treatments

The treatment rooms, which were open plan areas, were all closed to limit air circulation in different parts of the clinic. All of our treatment rooms are equipped with aerosol collection and air filtration units. These medical grade systems are very efficient and inhibit the spread of viruses and bacteria in the air. They are also equipped with HEPA filters, which aim to prevent the return of contaminated air inside the clinic. We will ask you to rinse your mouth with an antibacterial solution before the treatment is started. Depending on the care they provide, our dental professionals will wear all the necessary personal protective equipment: mask, visor, gloves, protective glasses, medical gowns, etc. It should be noted that this equipment may change depending on the treatment you receive, but rest assured that our team follows all official recommendations in this regard.

At the End of Your Visit

After your treatment, we will ask you to put your protective mask back on. You will be directed to the reception area to pay the related charges. Card payments will be preferred. In addition, the transmission of documents, such as invoices and insurance documents, will now be done electronically via email.

A Safe Environment for Your Whole Family

At Centre Dentaire Anjou, we have developed a great deal of expertise in children’s dentistry. We remain a reference for dental childcare, and we apply and adopt all recommended measures. We can therefore receive your little ones in a safe environment and our pediatric dentists, our general dentists and their teams continue to rely on a gentle approach specially adapted to youngsters.

We realize that in today’s environment, it can be stressful for parents to entrust their children to us for their dental appointments. Rest assured, however, that we are implementing the strictest protocols in our interventions with children.

environnement sécuritaire

Questions? We are here to reassure you!

All the measures that we have to put in place can obviously bring up questions on your part. Know that we are here to answer them and address your concerns. Do not hesitate to ask your questions when you make your appointment. We also want to thank you for your patience, as the new measures that we have to undergo have an impact on the capacity of the clinic in terms of the number of people we can see in a day. We do everything in our power to receive you as quickly as possible and to meet the dental needs of as many people as possible!

At Centre Dentaire Anjou, we are committed to keep offering you high quality dental care that meets the standards of modern dentistry, all in a safe environment!

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